In the world of smartphones desire still errs on the side of tiny, but when it comes to viewing content we want our screens to be big, bigger and bigger still.

One of the barriers to the growth of Mobile TV has always been the issue of screen size. Who wants to watch TV on a screen the size of a matchbox? Then along comes the ipad. Problem solved? Not quite. Yes it has a decent sized screen but you can’t slip it into your handbag or pocket so it doesn’t  Kyocera kinetic energy-powered phonequite address the issue of portability.

Recent developments from the likes of Sony, Kyocera and Samsung have provided a way to keep devices small but also increase screen size by employing fold-up and flexible technology. The Kyocera phone is a kinetic energy-powered mobile that folds up like a wallet. Whilst folded it can be used to make simple calls but unfolded, converts to a generous, wide screen. As an added bonus it also derives energy from human interaction so the more you use it the less it needs charging! Using OLED (Organic light emitting diode) technology, Sony have launched a prototype display screen so paper-thin it can wrap around a pencil. As well as offering beautifully luminous images, its  main advantage is immense portability, rolling up to the size of a cigarette. Just pop in your pocket and go.

Of course there will be some wait before we see integration with current smartphones, but the potential is clearly impressive. Maybe the future of Mobile TV isn’t quite so bleak?


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